IT Consultancy

At Rimits, we will go above and beyond to make sure the scope of your project is properly understood and managed. Our knowledge and extensive IT experience will provide the best solution for your needs. We are up-to-date with the most cutting-edge software, hardware, and technology.

Innovation is the key to our success. We work closely with our customers to understand their business, and innovate ways to improve it. Whatever the idea is, we work hard to make that idea a reality.

IT, Computer and Networking Support

Sit back, relax, and let us take control of your technological woes. Your time is too valuable to keep banging your head against the computer screen, and time is money.

Our tech support is dedicated to providing you next-level service and response time. We work diligently on your technical issues to keep you up and running at all times. You can trust us to do the job professionally, properly, and on time. We are only a phone call away!

Web Development

In our web development department, experts can craft a beautiful, modern, and functional website to make your best impression on the web. With the most up-to-date technology available, and our extensive knowledge, we will carefully tailor your website to your exact specifications.

We also ensure that all of our websites have RWD (Responsive Web Design) to provide full functionality on all mobile devices. All of our work is thoroughly tested for mobile compatibility. We strive to preserve your brand image on every device possible.

Ecommerce Solutions

Starting a business online can be a tough challenge by yourself. We have the knowledge to seamlessly integrate an online store into your website. Included with your online store is our custom CMS (Content Management System). This enables you, the user, to easily make modifications, manage content, and remain up-to-date.
Rimits provides a safe, secure, and reliable website that will keep your business running without skipping a beat. With our team of professionals, we guarantee that your business transactions will always be reliable and fully operational.

Mobile Applications

With so many apps on the market, it seems like every company has their own app. The average American now spends approximately two hours on their mobile device, every day. Even as a small or medium sized business, having an app can put your business way ahead of the game. Not only does this give you a presence in the app market, it puts your customers just a fingertap away.

Our team of professionals can create your business a custom app, to your exact requirements. Our apps are developed to work on multiple platforms, for every device. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, Rimits can make your app stand above the rest!

SEO/SEM Solutions

Every business should strive to be the top search result on every search engine. Sometimes it’s not so easy, which is where we come in. We implement our SEO/SEM services by making your website relevant to the search query. We make it relevant by adding keywords to the content, having other websites link to your business page, and marketing with paid advertising.

Using our web development service to make a beautiful page will get you halfway. With our optimization and marketing services, we can take you all the way to the top.

Graphic Design

Whether it’s general graphics, banners, logos, or stationary, we can handle all of your artwork needs. Our knowledgeable team is trained to work with a variety of artistic mediums, allowing us the versatility to create the design to your exact specifications.

Professional graphic design is one of the many foundations that help define your brand. We work vigorously to keep up with today’s style and standards. Rimits provides a fresh, creative, and innovative website that truly stands out from the rest.